Beyond the gleaming malls of Orchard Road, in corners of the city not usually trodden by tourists, flea markets pop up regularly, offering bargain buys, vintage finds and limited edition steals. Here are nine of them.

An Instagram-worthy setup at Boutiques Hipsters, fashionistas and ladies-who-lunch make up the stylish crowd at the Boutiques flea markets.

Art Market by The Local People
Maketh Project leather accessories displayed at Art Market by The Local People

The Art Market transforms unusual locations such as car parks and museums into a party and flea market rolled into one. Local designers and artists form the bulk of the vendors here, so you’ll be in the best place to collect never-before-seen fashion, accessories, homeware and other hipster knickknacks. Most Art Market editions also have musicians, live mural artists, food stalls and even DJs adding to the party vibe, which will leave you with an experience greater than the sum of all the unique finds in your shopping bag.

Various locations and times.


Fleawhere isn’t so much a flea market as a collective that puts together regular, themed fairs—we’re talking two to three every month—that cater to the hip youths of Singapore. But no matter which you hit up, there’s one guarantee: You won’t find any of these items in malls. In MOX Parade, for instance, local artists, fashion designers and other creatives showcase their collections, while Flea Party lets you be a bargain hunter as you scour the tables for pre-loved and vintage fashion. If you love all things handmade, check out Maker’s Parade. It’s a hotbed of local artisans such as Eezycraftzy, a jewellery designer that custom makes quirky necklaces and earrings using unusual materials such as yarn.

Various locations and times.

Zouk Flea & Easy
Zouk flea & easy booths and crowd

It’s a world-renowned club at night, but during the day for four times a year, Zouk transforms its sleek interior into Flea & Easy. It’s a flea market that’s always crowded with hypebeasts and baes digging for iconic pieces of streetwear to add to their collections.

Sneakers, snapbacks and accessories—mostly limited editions—from brands such as Supreme and Nike SB are all the rage here, so rock up in your coolest threads to look the part. And if you’re keen on expanding your wardrobe, here’s a tip: Come to Zouk really early before all the best buys get snapped up.

Zouk. The Cannery, 3C River Valley Road, Singapore 179022.
Various times.

Public Garden Consumer Trade Show

Play fashionista and critique or acquire never-before-seen collections at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show. A few times each year, emerging designers and independent brands from Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore descend upon convention halls in the city to flaunt the apparel, accessories and homeware that they’ve spent months working on. Previous year’s editions have seen the likes of local fashion labels Vespertine and Made by Mate hawk their wares—so who knows, you might just find your new favourite designer here.

Various locations and times.

China Square Central Weekend Flea Market

Live out your otaku and comic book passions at the China Square Central Weekend Flea Market. Every Sunday, geeks and fanboys descend upon a mall in Chinatown to showcase their vintage toys, comic books and other collectibles from Marvel, DC and Studio Ghibli, among others. You might even unearth an out-of-production Bandai figurine from the stalls here—all you need is a little patience to sift through the items from the 60-or-so vendors that regularly make appearances.

China Square Central. Level 1 & 2, 18 Cross Street, Singapore 048423.
Sun 11am-6pm.

Shoppers browsing accessories at Boutiques open-concept market

Sashay down the aisles of this ‘open-concept market’ that gives you a chance to unleash your inner fashionista. At Boutiques’ twice-yearly markets, you’ll find local designers who handcraft their high fashion-esque apparel and accessories using only quality materials.

Throw on a limited edition cashmere scarf from Ayesha Cashmere or slip into an elegant shift from ELOHIM BY SABRINA GOH and you’ll instantly feel as divine as a movie star. If you’d like to show off your creativity, Boutiques’ markets also offer workshops that teach you pottery, flower arrangement and other crafts. There’s even a café and bar section that serves up healthy lunches, craft cocktails and some seriously good coffee—all the things you need for a well-deserved pampering session.

F1 Pit Building. 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975.
Various times.

Pasar malam

It’s loud, sweaty and heaving with people, yet the pasar malam (Malay for “night market”) has been a late-night family ritual for generations of locals. Usually held in residential areas out of the city centre, these outdoor night markets are bustling carnivals where bargain-bin clothes, electronic accessories and children’s amusement rides come together under one roof.

Pasar malam is synonymous with food. There’s Chinese street grub, Malay snacks and the legendary Ramly Burger, which is a spicy, localised take on the American classic—you can even bring home local confectionery and titbits as souvenirs. And during Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidilfitri, several massive pasar malam start sprouting up in Chinatown and Geylang Serai, respectively. For any other time of the year, check out this Facebook page.

Various locations and times.

Singapore Really Really Free Market

At the Singapore Really Really Free Market, you’ll be joining arms with members of a charitable community. As its name suggests, everything in this one-of-a-kind market is completely free: There’s pre-loved clothing, antiques, henna tattoos, tarot card readings and more. The organisers had sustainability and waste-free living in mind when they launched this concept, so head down and you might unearth treasure from someone else’s trash.

Various locations and times.