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Singapore: Inside Out (SG:IO) is an international cross-disciplinary showcase of the dynamic contemporary arts and design scene in Singapore, offering a plethora of multi-sensory experiences designed by the country’s creative talents. Underlining Singapore’s standing as a UNESCO Creative City of Design, it made its debut in 2015 as part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, popping up in four cosmopolitan cities—Beijing, London and New York City—before returning to Singapore for its final pit stop. 

Curated by creative director, Mr. Randy Chan, who helms one of Singapore’s leading architectural studios, Zarch Collaboratives, SG:IO 2015 showcased 15 original commissioned works by home-grown talents. These works represented myriad creative disciplines—from architecture, fashion and music to literary, performing and visual arts. New audiences were also pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of creative expression of our local talents at the showcase.

Following the success of its 2015 instalment, SG:IO returns in 2017 and once again aims to introduce Singapore’s top creative practitioners to the creative capitals of Tokyo and Sydney. SG:IO 2017 will feature an innovative fusion of multi-disciplinary works and cross-national collaborations through two different presentations taking place in these cities. It inspects a slew of media such as digital and light projections, performances, and multi-sensory artworks, with the aim of highlighting Singapore’s emerging and growing presence on the creative world stage. 

The Tokyo edition of SG:IO 2017 sees an enriching collaboration between Japanese design workshop Ishinomaki Lab and Singapore’s very own lifestyle brand Supermama, where they will present a collection of unique porcelain wares. Another exciting mash-up that will enthral visitors is the visually and aurally-arresting installation by Singapore sound artist Zul Mahmod and Japanese floral artist Plantica

Over at Sydney’s Chippendale precinct, Kensington Street will be taken over by Singapore’s top creatives. Among the stunning installations lined up are experimental works by artist Donna Ong, video showcases by Sundance award-winning film director Kirsten Tan and PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Gold award winner Sarah Choo Jing. Spectators can also look forward to partner events held in collaboration with Kensington Street partners.


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