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Day 1: Welcome to Singapore

Exterior of The Warehouse Hotel at night
1 The Warehouse Hotel

Instead of looking to the constellations for directions, here’s another cluster of stars to help you plot your journey: the finalists of the Singapore Tourism Awards (STA).

Organised annually by the Singapore Tourism Board, the STA honours the cream of the crop in the tourism industry. Come and experience the stellar services provided by STA winners and nominees—we guarantee that you’ll remember your stay in Singapore for many years to come.

Check into The Warehouse Hotel (Best Hotel Experience Winner), a boutique hotel nestled along the Singapore River in the vibrant neighbourhood of Robertson Quay. Look out for the hotel’s collaboration with local artists via woodworks done by Plane & Bevel, custom fabrics by Matter Prints and 100% eco-certified bath amenities by Ashley & Co, furnished across their 37 rooms–from the classic Warehouse Sanctuary to the luxurious River View suite. The hotel reveals heritage secrets with historically detailed rooms, classic local dishes and Singapore-inspired craft cocktails.

Exquisite Peranakan porcelain display from Kim Choo Holdings
2 Kim Choo Holdings Pte Ltd

Journey back to yesteryear, when the Peranakans* first settled as they migrated to Singapore during the 15th century. In the heartlands of Katong, you will find Kim Choo Holdings (Best Shopping Experience Finalist)’s main factory. Here, dig into nonya rice dumplings, purchase exquisite porcelain and attend a beadwork workshop.

*The term is an Indonesian/Malay word that means “local born”, which generally refers to people of Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage.

A tram traversing through the Night Safari along a tapir enclosure
3 Night Safari

Seize the night at the Night Safari (Best Attraction Experience Winner) and dine at the al fresco “Jungle Rostisserie”, which serves smoky meat dishes, or tuck into finger food at “Safari Sizzles”. Thereafter, catch the famous “Creatures of the Night” show – kids are also welcome to participate!

Day 2: Treasures on Sentosa Island

A group of tourists interacting with local Malay music instruments
4 Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

As your second day begins, set foot on Sentosa Island and visit the famed Madame Tussauds Singapore (Best Attraction Experience Finalist)–this house of adventure contains more than just wax figures. Journey on the “Spirit of Singapore” boat ride–the first immersive ride experience throughout Madame Tussauds’ estate–and voyage through the golden days of Singapore.

A view of an indoor aquarium at SEA Aquarium?
5 S.E.A. Aquarium? at Resorts World? Sentosa

Just a stone’s throw away is the S.E.A. Aquarium? (Best Attraction Experience Finalist). Home to over 100,000 species of marine animals across more than 50 habitats, each aquarium feature will leave you more fascinated than the one before.

Interior of CURATE

End the day with a suitably experimental dining experience. CURATE (Best Dining Experience Winner) hosts the extraordinary “Michelin Star Experience” at Resorts World? Sentosa, helmed by German-born Chef de Cuisine, Benjamin Halat. Expect to be tantalised by unusual flavours and bold presentations.

Day 3: Shop to Your Heart’s Content

Interior of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands?
7 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Visit Singapore’s most iconic shopping hub–The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands? (Best Shopping Experience Winner). As one of Singapore’s largest luxury shopping malls, it houses the most comprehensive collection of luxury watches and jewellery brands in Southeast Asia. Be dazzled by the exciting line-up of international brands like Balenciaga and Chanel, while also exploring its diverse portfolio of emerging labels in runway and street style, such as Lisa Von Tang.

A wide-angle night view of the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec
8 Suntec City

Consider exploring two more shopping malls downtown of Singapore–Raffles City and Suntec City. The Raffles City shopping complex houses more than 200 specialty shops and is linked to two hotels, Swissotel The Stamford and Fairmont Singapore. Stop by Alligator Pear (Best Customer Service for F&B Finalist) for tea, which is accessible via both hotels.

Suntec City (Best Shopping Experience Finalist) is just a short distance away. Here, you may chance upon the massive Fountain of Wealth–built to symbolise oneness in spirit, equality and harmony of all races.

Day 4: A Cultural Abode

Jane Iyer leading the Black & White Houses Tour
9 Black & White Houses Tour

Now that you’ve experienced Singapore’s iconic tourist attractions and immersive F&B scene, dedicate a day to exploring its heritage and culture in detail. On the Black & White Houses Tour (Best Tour Experience Winner), learn about Singapore’s colonial past and muse at its transformation to the cosmopolitan hotspot it is today. This tour will transport you back in time as you visit colonial houses, unearth architectural heritage and delve into Singapore’s past.

Baby Spinach Leaves, Lardon And Crispy Molten Egg at Grignoter
10 Grignoter by Chef Justin Quek

Relax with a sensory lunch experience at Grignoter by Chef Justin Quek (Best Dining Experience Finalist). A casual space serving remarkable food, the restaurant boasts an array of French-inspired hot and cold starters. Opt for the special omakase menu, which features seasonal ingredients; or try the chef’s signature dish: Oven Roasted French Yellow Chicken.

The exterior columns of National Gallery Singapore
11 National Gallery Singapore

A reincarnation of two national monuments, City Hall and the former Supreme Court, the National Gallery Singapore boasts the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Step into National Kitchen by Violet Oon, a refined restaurant inspired by Singaporean chef Violet’s Peranakan heritage. Tuck into iconic Singapore flavours while being immersed in luxurious traditional-meets-modern décor.

Head up to the acclaimed Smoke & Mirrors (Best Nightspot Experience Finalist) at the rooftop and sip on imaginative cocktails. The watering hole boasts an unusual menu with drinks like “Cloud & Air” and “Mighty Duck”, which comprises ingredients such as edible eggshells, five-spiced honey and jackfruit rum. Close the evening with the sweet “Go-Ju” cocktail, a fitting end to your four days in Singapore.


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